Monday, January 16, 2012

About the LampPost

     LampPost is a title I have used a few times in other places but it is more than just an opportunity to use my initials in the title!  I am a big fan of C.S. Lewis and, like lots of others, my introduction to him was through "The Chronicles of Narnia."  In "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" the lamp post is a marker between two worlds, Narnia and England.  It one of the first things the Pevensie children see on entering Narnia and the marker of their return to their world.  Similarly, I would love the things I write, indeed my life, to be a marker for people in this world to see that there is another, grander world waiting to be explored.  I heard recently by way of a sermon on the radio that the Celts would refer to certain days as "thin places."  That is, times when the divider between the physical world and the spiritual world was thin.  Halloween was such a day.  The pastor (who I wish I could credit but have now forgotten) made the point that Christians should be walking "thin places."  We are to be the thing through which people can see the reality of a spiritual world.  As Christians, we should also be a particular kind of thin place.  Our current culture is very enamored of spiritual things as long as it is not specific to one particular, definable God.  Our "thinness," however, should be directed at the God-man Jesus Christ and the reality of the God of the Bible.  We are to stand with a foot in each world, so to speak.  With one eye we are always following Jesus and setting our hope on His eternal Kingdom that is now in existence but also still coming in fullness.  With the other we are watching our world to understand the times and to love our neighbor.
      I hope, then, that the LampPost (and it's author!) will "think thin" and set a marker between two worlds.

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